N.Y. mayor must outlaw dangerous circumcision rite before another baby dies

(BROOKLYN, NY Babble) – In a truly horrifying story, a two-week old baby boy died in Brooklyn after contracting herpes through an Orthodox religious circumcision ritual. A bris, like a wedding, is a major life-cycle event for observant Jews. And at a time when efforts are being made to ban circumcision altogether, the use of MBP alienates young Jews and discourages them from practicing ritual circumcision at all. Q: Andrew Wakefield, the British MD who uncovered the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, has just been fired from his job in a London hospital. Considerable opposition to mezizah has arisen in recent years because of its obvious clash with the intended aseptic character of the overall operation. A controversial circumcision practice has led to the infection of a New York City baby with neonatal herpes, according to the city’s health department.

If germ theory had been propagated while the Ba’al Shem Tov, who died in 1760, was still alive, would he have urged mohels to stop doing it? The current commissioners of the state and city health departments also did not provide comment in time for publication. But the identities of mohels who have transmitted herpes will probably not be made available to Jewish parents. In two of those cases (involving the same mohel who circumcised two brothers three years apart), parents declined to reveal the identify of the practitioner, so it’s not clear whether he was the same mohel involved in any of the other cases. About two-thirds of all infant boys born in New York City’s Hasidic communities, who are ultra-Orthodox, are circumcised in the oral suction manner, according to Rabbi David Zwiebel, executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America. A virus is a very small organism that multiplies fast after invading cells.

What good is a dead baby to a penis hungry rabbi? In adults HSV1 little more than an annoyance but in new born infants, this virus can make the child desparately ill. But since they will never provide it, I will. I get that the Jewish people take their bris seriously, but you gotta wonder if it the risk is worth it. Next week is the highpoint of their intactivities, with National Genital Integrity Awareness week in the United States. A parent who has a cold sore often spreads the infection to his or her child in this way.

“The lack of genetic sequencing to conclusively demonstrate that these are the exact same strains of herpes is not necessary, or even relevant, from a public health standpoint,” Zenilman emphasized. But all deaths from circumcision are not reported as such. Another died in 2010. In most instances, the circumcisers were ordered, in advance, by husbands of infertile women to save the foreskins for the latter, for which they [the circumcisers] also were paid. First I found this interesting “Wiki Answers” link, which, although it frames the discussion in terms of “Why the foreskin benefits women,” is pretty clear on why it benefits men as well. Take 500-1, 000 milligrams a day on an empty stomach to prevent recurrence.

With things like athletic pads worn by hockey players, you can see people who are unable to get rid of their own skin infections, says Tosh. Over a quarter of the population registered as non-believers: more might have done were the census question unambiguous about whether it meant cultural background or personal belief. Several Jewish groups and three rabbis filed a lawsuit in federal District Court in Manhattan arguing that the government cannot compel the transmission of messages that the speaker does not want to express – especially when the speaker is operating in an area of heightened First Amendment protection, such as a religious ritual. Do they not suggest actually talking to the baby before it is born? . The ritual of oral suction — or in Hebrew, metzitzah b’peh — is practiced almost exclusively in ultra-Orthodox communities and, to a lesser degree, in Orthodox Jewish communities, despite efforts by the city to curtail it and educate communities about its health risks.

What this basically means is that you swallow valtrex and your body converts it into acyclovir inside your body. But after months of meetings with Orthodox leaders, city officials have been unable to persuade them to abandon the practice.